Paint removal can be very messy.  Unlike other shops in our industry, we do not limit ourselves to furniture.  We can also strip and repaint or finish your doors, shutters and moulding. Our service is ideal for anyone who would rather finish and not deal with chemicals or torches and heat guns. We are willing to just remove the paint, do the whole job, or anything in between. You choose the level of completion you want us to do.  To obtain an estimate, click "Contact Us" in the navigation menu.

Key Benefits of Our Service
• Reduces your exposure to harmful chemicals or lead dust and smoke.
• We do the "dirty work" while you do what you do best.
• Eliminates costly reproduction of making custom woodwork, molding & trim.

Methods used
Sometimes called dipping or "Dip n Strip"*, we have a cold soak tank which uses methylene chloride and a hot tank which uses a hot lye solution to remove milk and blood based paint.  We also have two flow-over tanks and we can strip by hand with paste stripper if necessary.  Whichever method we use, you can be assured that we will choose the most appropriate method for your item so as not to harm the wood.

Large Capacity Shop

We can handle any size job from one door or shutter to hundreds of doors and shutters.

Pick Up & Delivery Service

We can pickup and deliver anywhere in the continental U.S.  The only limitation is cost effectiveness.  Depending on where you are and how many you want to have done, , we may actually be able to pickup and deliver more economically than shops in your area due to "economies of scale".


We can store your items until you are ready for them.

"Dip n Strip"
is the name of a franchise to which we do not belong, but has become a commonplace term used to describe the stripping process much like "Yellow Pages" is used to describe telephone book advertising.

Mail us complete pictures and exact measurments to receive an estimate.